How to push the boundaries of Pushbullet with FireRTC

We are huge fans of Pushbullet. It allows us to put our phone away while we are sitting at our computer, and still not miss a message. It's so much more convenient to read and reply to an SMS using my keyboard rather than a touch-screen.

That said, Pushbullet doesn't help much with actual phone calls.  Here are some experimental features we've added to FireRTC to help with that problem.


While logged into FireRTC, if an incoming call hits your cellphone, it'll alert you in FireRTC.


The call notifications will even be enhanced using contextual information from FireRTC's intelligent caller-id capabilities.


There's even a way to configure your android phone to forward the call to FireRTC on your PC if you miss or reject the call.

FireRTC will even push back out enhanced notifications to all your devices.

As if that's not enough, FireRTC users can even return the call directly from their PC.


Some of this functionality is very early stage and has only been tested on the Nexus phones.  Request a beta account and help us streamline these features.  Thanks.