Is FireRTC really free for individual use?


Really?!  How how do you plan on making money?

FireRTC allows individuals to make free phone calls from your browser, and will always do so. We do plan on adding premium features, but until then, feel free to donate to the cause. 

Where may I call?

Currently you may call any phone number within our Supported Destinations.  Additionally users may call each other over the FireRTC network anywhere in the world.  FireRTC users may also call any SIP address for free.

System gets hung on initializing or initializing microphone

Typically this means that your browser cannot access your microphone. Make sure you have given it permission to do so.


An easy way to avoid this message in the future is to select the "always allow" option, so you will only have to grant permission once.

How do I call another FireRTC user?

Calling another FireRTC anywhere in the world is free and easy.  Instead of entering a phone number, replace it with their username, followed by, for example

How do I change my Caller ID?

To change your Caller ID, log in to your account at, and click on 'Settings'. Modify the 'Edit Caller ID' field and click 'Save'. If you are using the App, you should log out and log back in for the change to take effect. For best results, if it is a North American number, remember to start with a 1, and do not include spaces or dashes. Finally, as a friendly reminder it is against our Terms of Service to use FireRTC for harassment, to commit fraud and/or otherwise engage in any illegal activity.

There’s an echo!

While echo may be caused in by a number of factors, the most common reason is because one party (typically the person who doesn't hear the echo) is using their speaker-phone. Basically, their microphone is picking up your voice and transmitting it back to you. A simple fix is to have the person you are speaking with lower their volume. Headphones or a noise cancelling speaker should eliminate the cause echo entirely.


turn on video during a call

My video is not working

If your video is not working, you will want to confirm a few things:

  • Video calling only works if you are calling another FireRTC customer

  • Video is off by default. You need to turn it on for people to see you. You may do this after the call is connected.

  • Your browser needs access to your camera. See above under the "Permission denied" FAQ on how to allow your browser access to your camera.

What’s my SIP address?

Every FireRTC account comes with a SIP address. This means non-FireRTC users can call you for free via SIP to SIP calling. Your SIP address is your FireRTC username, followed by, for example

How do I receive calls?

Other users may call you using your FireRTC username. Additionally, you can receive calls using your SIP address ( Finally, if you want calls from regular phones, although we no longer are offering phone numbers, you may get a free number from CallCentric ( and point it at your SIP address.

What are you doing with my data? Do you sell it?

No, we do not sell your data. In fact, we are quite careful with it. While we are on the subject, you should take a few minutes to review our Privacy Policy, and hit us up with any questions you may have.

When I call my mobile phone, it goes straight to voice mail

When testing, many of our customers like to call their mobile phones. Many of our customers also like to change their caller ID to their mobile phone numbers. Unfortunately, most mobile carriers interpret this as a user checking his or her voice mail from their handset and prompts them to enter a password. If you want to test to your mobile phone, make sure the caller ID is not your mobile phone number.

When I transfer to my my mobile phone, it goes straight to voice mail

See above ['When I call my mobile phone, it goes straight to voice mail']. The short answer is that to transfer calls to your mobile phone, it's best not to have your caller ID set as your mobile phone number. Also, make sure you test this feature by calling 'conference' or 'test' before trying it on a live call.

when trying to change my caller id, I get a failed message

This means you are entering an invalid Caller ID format. FireRTC can only accept a 10 or 11 digit Caller ID. It should be in the format of 1+NPANXXYYYY (example: 15182407019).

May I put a name in my my caller id?

Unfortunately, you cannot put text into a Caller ID, as it will not pass through the phone system and calls will be received as "Unavailable" as a result. Names are added by the phone company on the receiving side of a call where they perform a CNAM lookup.

Do you have a Mobile App?

Not a native app yet, but we are looking into it. In the meantime, you can visit from your Android browser as described here.

may I use my own sip client with firertc?

Sorry, you may not.

What do I do if I need support?

Visit Ask questions, find answers.

Why am I getting an 'Incompatible SDP' message or one-way audio?

Browser add-ons like Ghostery, NoScript, ScriptSafe, or even some VPNs may restrict certain WebRTC functionality.  To ensure your browser is ready to make calls, run the trouble shooting tool at 

May I use FireRTC to scambait?

While we do not actively push Scambaiters, FireRTC is not meant in any way to be used to flood or DOS a call center, even if it is aimed at scammers. As such, FireRTC will temporarily block users that make too many calls in too short a period of time. Additionally, making calls programatically with FireRTC is also a violation of our Terms of Service. We do not want to add a CAPTCHA but we may have to if users are abusing the system.