Why I bought my parents a Chromebook

As someone who has made the mistake of buying his older parents a Windows machine several years ago, I quickly realized that being a 24x7x365 Support Desk was part of the deal.

Every holiday required several hours spent cleaning a machine that had been bogged down with ad-ware, browser extensions, and unnecessary programs.

"I didn't install anything."

It has been widely reported that Chromebooks are taking over the classroom, supplanting iPads, Macs and Windows systems. The price, form-factor, and ease of management are all very appealing to school districts.

Since I had many of the same problems, albeit on a much smaller scale, that schools face, I figured it was worth a shot. I surprised my parents with a Chromebook as a replacement for their Windows machine and after some initial instruction they were off and running.

In the past six months they have had no issues that they couldn't resolve on their own, and most importantly, the Support Desk is now closed for good.