Log your Phone Calls in Google Calendar with FireRTC

FireRTC has added Google Calendar integration to allow for more comprehensive tracking and searching of call records.

To enable Google Calendar integration, take the following steps:

  • Link your Google Account with FireRTC. (Keep in mind, you may have already done this when you imported your contacts) To do this visit Settings, and click “Connect” next to the Google icon.

  • In Settings, click 'Configure' next to the Google Icon.

  • Select the check box next to 'Log Calls to Google Calendar' and then click 'Save'.

Once you are properly configured, incoming and outgoing calls will be logged automatically to a calendar named “FireRTC” (Note - Android users may need to enable syncing for this calendar on their phones)

As with all Google Calendars, you may share this calendar so others may view your call logs as well. You may also search for call logs using the caller name, phone number, or even address!