How to Change Your Caller ID

Answering calls from unfamiliar or private numbers is a bit like clicking on random links on the Internet; sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, but more often than not, it leaves you with disappointment, regret, and occasionally, nightmares.

Luckily, FireRTC allows you to set your desired Caller ID so that friends, family and business associates will recognize who's calling.

Call From Google Hangouts

Call From FireRTC

To modify your Caller ID, click on the Menu button and select ‘Settings’.  Populate the ‘Edit Caller ID’ box with a North American number and click ‘Save’. 

Users of the app will need to log-out and login for the changes to take effect.  

As a friendly reminder, it is against our Terms of Service to use FireRTC for harassment, to commit fraud and/or otherwise engage in any illegal activity.