FireRTC Chrome Extension Released

Good news everyone, we have released the FireRTC Chrome Extension! Here are the things it can do:

If you read our post about why we think the Chrome Web Store Sucks, you will know that one of our big gripes about Chrome Apps is how hard they are to find once you have installed them. The extension will go a long way towards fixing that by allowing you to launch the app by clicking the FireRTC button on the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

The extension will also allow you to highlight a phone number in your browser, right-click on it, and then call it with FireRTC.

It will pull all phone numbers out of a Gmail thread and turn them into clickable, FireRTC links.

Finally, extension users may initiate a call directly from the Chrome address bar. To use this, type 'call', then press the Tab key. You may then enter a name or phone number of the party you would like to speak with.